Our Technology

Imagen Therapeutics uses a phenotypic approach to measure the effectiveness of a wide range of available chemotherapy drugs. Up to 56 different drugs are tested on cancer cells that have been directly derived from an individual patient. This precise and personalised approach helps you to make an informed decision on which chemotherapy is most likely to be effective for a particular patient.

Imagen Therapeutics’ test is based on a sophisticated cell death assay that involves automated fluorescence microscopy (High Content Analysis). The almost fully automated process ensures the test is accurate and fast, while also permitting the testing of a large number of chemotherapy agents at once.

  • ACCURATE – direct measure of cell death
  • FAST - results available within 2 weeks
  • COMPREHENSIVE - routinely produce detailed information on up to 56 different chemotherapies including drug combinations and potency data
  • TRULY PERSONALISED – tested on samples derived directly from your patient


The process can be broken down into three main stages:


Collect – a liquid or solid biopsy is taken and is sent to Imagen Therapeutics’ laboratory for testing


Test – upon arrival the sample is processed, chemotherapy drugs are administered and cell death is monitored

Report – results are analysed and a chemosensitivity report on agents likely to be effective is produced