Matching the right chemotherapy to the right patient. Quickly.

Cancer is not a single disease. Every cancer is unique, derived from the genetics of the individual combined with the particular mutations that drive the malignancy. Yet in most cases, the model for cancer treatment still involves using a very limited set of chemotherapies that have only been tested for a cancer that is derived from a particular tissue.

Imagen Therapeutics want to change the current model for cancer treatment.

Imagen Therapeutics’ test measures the effectiveness of a wide range of available chemotherapy drugs in killing a cancer sample that has been directly derived from an individual patient. This precise and personalised approach helps you to make an informed decision on which chemotherapy is most likely to be effective for a particular patient. The test is based on automated fluorescence microscopy (High Content Analysis) in conjunction with fully automated cancer cell seeding and drug dosing.

Imagen Therapeutics will present two complimentary one hour educational seminars presenting ‘A new strategy for personalising chemotherapy’. Courtesy of LOC, the seminars will be hosted in The Boardroom, First Floor, The LOC, 95 Harley Street, London on the below dates. Light refreshments will be served.

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